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ArchrycampwithMelandthekidsOur Philosophy

Way of the Wild is dedicated to helping people realize their identity. Expanding one’s awareness leads the way to sense of identity and the deep intuition that comes with this. Our organization provides nature based programs for youth and adults that afford people the chance to understand who they are in the world and lead from that place. I founded Way of the Wild in 2011 in response to a need- it is the need to recognize that our individuality, our uniqueness and not only what we share, is what actually creates connection. Difference is the expression of life that allows us to realize connection, create balance and achieve harmony. There are many tools that can bring us to this realization, but I have found that regular extended periods of time in nature is best. It is the most natural, efficient and effective way to get to the awareness required to develop both a sense of self and connection to everything else.

MaryInmyBreathingSweatshirtMany organizations exist that are conducted in nature places. Many focus on connecting people to nature. Many of them use structures that are not dissimilar from traditional teaching methods, with teachers and experts imparting information to students who lack that information. Others are more non-traditional in their approaches, but still look for patterns that represent similar characteristics and group children accordingly. WOW knows every child is unique. While we may be able to relate to each others experiences, WE ARE ALL UNIQUE. This very uniqueness is expressed by the natural world. Nothing in nature is exactly like anything else. There are no exact copies. Out of that uniqueness comes the ability to respond and adapt to change. It is nature’s greatest strength. Our uniqueness is the source of our gift and it is the platform from which we all learn to lead.

WOW teachers mentor children in the development of this relationship with themselves and others, through experiences that capitalize on children’s innate excitement for living. Using group nature experiences, survival skills, naturalist knowledge, plant medicine, expressive arts, crafts, archery, bow making, scout skills, meditation and contemplative approaches, and more, children have a chance to know themselves and access their inner wisdom.

WOW teachers are a group of talented powerful individuals who have a passion for expressing their gifts in the service of people’s healthy development and self-determination. They are warriors, healers, scholars and artists themselves who deeply care to serve in this world.

Way of the Wild programs use a child centered approach to curriculum design, holding a safe container while capitalizing on children’s and adult’s innate need to learn. Our instructors are experienced wilderness skills teachers, yoga teachers, accomplished athletes who love working with people. Some are parents. All of them have a commitment to nurturing children.

Mary Sweeney
Mary Margaret Sweeney, PhD has devoted her life to the study of how people learn and develop. Her teaching career spans almost 40 years. She has mentored children and adults in primitive wilderness skills since 2003.  Since 1988 Mary has taught applied and theoretical psychology and education in various colleges and corporations. The healing power of nature in her own life inspired her to pursue combining these career interests. Mary has a passion for role modeling connection to nature as a path to greater awareness of self and others. She serves by sharing with others her knowledge and skills.  Mary draws on her practice of energy work, dream work, primitive skills, sacred hunting, fishing and ceremony to inform her program design.

Shane Sims
ShaneSimsShane Sims is a lifetime lover of the natural world and hopes to help create positive learning experiences for children. He completed a teaching apprenticeship with Mary Sweeney and Simon Harrison in 2012 before returning to the University of Wyoming to finish his Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies and International Relations in 2013. Shane believes in lifelong learning and hopes to grow from facilitating programs with Mary with the possibility of pursuing future work in wilderness therapy.

Eric Klemma
EricKlemmaHey everyone! My name is Eric Gurmukh Klema and I love working with children. I am passionate about creating a fun, safe and grounded environment for kids to explore their surroundings and develop their potential. I have worked with Mary over the past few years and I really support her program and mission. It’s important, especially in this day and age, to reconnect with nature to restore our internal and external balance on this planet. And I feel that this program is a perfect way to reintroduce children to a natural way of connecting with their environment and making it fun. I look forward to working with your kiddos!

Certifications / Qualifications:

– Kids Yoga Certified through Yoga Ed. (3yrs teaching)
– Kids Gymnastics Coach through City of Boulder (6yrs experience)
– Kundalini Yoga Certified (8yrs)
– First Aid/ CPR
– Basic Survival Skills training

Contact Information
Contact Mary at or or (603) 554-7433 for further information.

Location: Jay Rd., between 63rd ST and 57th St.

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  1. September 25, 2012 3:37 am

    I love your website and offerings, They are the kind of deep spirit experiences that engaged me body mind and soul as a child.

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