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“Mary has a passion to work with children (and adults), teaching them skills that will help them integrate into nature and be able to fully experience all that the earth and the animals have to offer.  My daughters (ages 9 and 12) have learned survival skills, how to make their own bow from just a piece of wood, how to scout, build a fire, skin a reptile, kill an animal in a sacred way, how to be in nature and be one with it, and how to elevate their senses in order to fully take in the world around them – whether in nature, or in their everyday lives.   There are not many programs like this, especially for girls, and Mary’s approach and enthusiasm make her stand out above the rest.”

~ C G


“Way of the Wild is a wonderful out door program- Yes because it is outside on beautiful land, Yes because the children learn out door skills, Yes because kids get to be kids and run and frolic … but the best thing about this program is the honor that Mary Sweeny, the director, gives these children.  Mary includes them in the decision making of the day’s events. Mary fully engages with them by asking them questions about what their point of views are, as well as solutions to problems and how they would like to spend their time. This way of empowering children is crucial to them trusting themselves later on in life. Mary is a gem among educators.”

~ Rebecca Abraxas, Video Juice media & Access Your life Now


“What do you like about Mary and her camps?”  

“She plays fun games with you, like “Capture the Flag” and “Fire in the Forest”.   You learn good skills for how to survive in the wild.  I really like how she respects and listens to my ideas.  I love being on her land, especially the swimming/fishing pond and tee-pee.”

~ Ryan S. (age 11)


“Our son found the summer camps offered at Way of the Wild to be stimulating and fun. He came home every day excited about what he had learned and eager to go back the next day. Mary and her staff are caring and knowledgeable about wilderness education and create a wonderful environment for learning and having fun. A great summer experience!

The games, the skills and the wonderful setting made for one of the best summer camps our son attended. We can’t wait for next summer!”

~ LH


“I like to go to Mary’s camps.  They are so much fun!”

~ GH and OH (participants)


“I love how Mary helps my daughter engage with and respect nature. My daughter looks forward to her camps each year!”

~ LW


“Our kids loved the Way of the Wild Camp.  They loved building shelters, shooting bows and arrows, and learning about the outdoors.  And we loved hearing about the “fishbone” shelters made of branches and all the activities!”

~ TW


“Mary is an outstanding educator.  My daughter is so enthusiastic about these camps, It’s hard to get her to sleep the night before!  It’s a unique and freeing outdoor experience–not to be missed.”

~ ML


“My son loves going to Mary Sweeney’s camps. He is so happy to know he’s going and always returns exhausted in that good way, from a full day of fun outside. He comes home bursting with exhilaration for the skills and knowledge he’s learned that day – something about survival skills, the land and the connection between himself and nature. He has so much fun that I sometimes wish I could have been there too.”

~ GG

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